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1 Percent
Monthly Dividend

Monthly dividend is the key to financial freedom.

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RE:Design your asset portfolio and get monthly income.

We invest in the U.S. stock market and make profits by rebalancing on weekly basis. It means investors can get dividend every month.

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    Investment Process

    Customize your portfolio, strategy and rebalancing cycle.


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    Maximizing investors' profits is our number one priority.

    100+ companies and ETFs are being monitored and analyzed

    Project REDOT

    We are developing robo-advisor. You have many options in making your own portfolio: individual stock, proportion, investment strategy, rebalancing cycle. When all settings are completed, A.I. RiSA automatically manages your asset.


    Monthly Dividend
    powered by RISA


    Redot Intelligence for Strategic Analysis


    community for investors

    The Best Strategy for Stock Market

    We classify the stock market into 12 sectors, traditional 11 sector plus 1 hedging sector including gold ETFs and SPAC.
    RISA monitor and analyze over 100 companies and ETFs in 12 sectors 24 hours 365 days.
    Money flows, and we catch the flow.

    Money circulates through 11 sectors. Catch the flow of money by seeing through the macroeconomy. The U.S. stock market will give you opportunities every day.

    The economic crisis comes every three months, every year, and every ten years. If your portfolio is not prepared for risks, you will suffer great losses. We have our own 12th sector for risk management. It includes gold ETFs and SPAC.

    Investors using REDOT are able to rebalance and realize profits weekly or monthly. Remember that unrealized profits are just cyber money which is not yours.

    Invest in the future finance.

    Innovation has changed people's lifestyles. The first monthly dividend robo-advisor that we are developing will be the key to financial freedom.

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